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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2016 Volume 02

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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2016 Volume 02

The collection of practitioner papers from TRIZ Future 2015 Global Conference is in open access and is included to the Innovator, the journal of the European TRIZ Assocation.

Special Issue: Selected papers presented at the 15th International TRIZ Future Conference - Global Structured Innovation, Berlin, 26-29.10.2015

Editors: Iouri Belski, Christoph Dobrusskin, Pavel Livotov, Valeri Souchkov, Tom Vaneker.

ETRIA e.V. - European TRIZ Association. ISSN 1866-4180

Please click this link to open or download PDF file (14 MB): Innovator 2016-02


Please cite the articles as:
Surnames, Initials. Title of the Article. Journal of the European TRIZ Association, INNOVATOR, ISSN 1866-4180, 01/2016 Volume 02, pp..

Content  01-2016, Volume 02


Kobus Cilliers, Darrell Mann.
Technology based university spin offs – Why do they succeed or fail?                      


John Cooke
TRIZ-based Modelling and Value Analysis of products as processes                         


Simon Dewulf, Darrell Mann
BIG Patent DATA and PanSensic Social Media Contradiction-Mapping Analysis:
an opportunity for TRIZ                                                                                  


Christoph Dobrusskin
On the identification of contradictions using Cause Effect Chain Analysis                   


Dan Dong, Guozhong Cao, Chunyun Du
Using TRIZ to study the innovation of multiple stakeholder systems fusion
in the product-service system                                                                          


Nick Eckert
Solution oriented bionic innovation method LOBIM – applied in automotive industry


Barbara Gronauer, Thomas Schobert
Case study: Half automatic coating of guide wire                                      


Juergen Hess
A Combination of TRIZ and Reliability Engineering to develop Endurance
Test Concepts                                                                                    


Kai Hiltmann, Christian Thurnes, Robert Adunka, Oliver Mayer, Karl Koltze,
Pavel Livotov, Wolfgang Mueller

VDI Standard 4521: Status                                                                              


Michal Hoč, Milan Jurči, Štefan Medvecký
The application of 14 inventive principles of TRIZ to mathematical problems             


Younghan Jeong, Jaemin Lee, Taeyoung Lee
Approach to solve the EAF breakage in FeNi production process                             


Sooyong Kim, Sungdae Kim, Sangbum Woo
TRIZ methodological consideration for the impact banding improvements                           


Kyeongwon Lee
Design Thinking Process with Simplified TRIZ                                                      


Darrell Mann
Intangibles: Exploring The Missing Half of TRIZ                                          


Tiziano Montecchi, Davide Russo
Dynamic and Semantic Database of Effects for Technology Transfer                        


Horst Th. Nähler, Barbara Gronauer
From a Toolbox to a Way of Thinking – An integrated View on TRIZ                         


Toru Nakagawa
USIT: A Concise Process for Creative Problem Solving Based on the Paradigm
of ‘Six-Box Scheme’ -- USIT Manual and USIT Case Studies --                                


Michael Ohler, Naresh Shahani, Sushil Borde
Driving Growth Through Innovation at Reliance Industries                                     


Philip Samuel, Derek Bennington, Ellen Domb
Integrating TRIZ with Front End of innovation frameworks                                     


Philip Samuel, Derek Bennington, Riaan Brits, Brian Miller
Redesign of a spray coating system for paperboards using TRIZ techniques              


Ed. N. Sickafus
Introspection-Insight-Innovation Problem Solving for Innovation                             


Valeri Souchkov
Typical Patterns of Business Model Innovation                                                    


Christian M. Thurnes, Frank Zeihsel, Rudy Fuchs
Competency-based learning in TRIZ – Teaching TRIZ-forecasting as example            


Qiuyue Wang, Bojun Yang, Xiuling Duan, LiZhen Jia, Guozhong Cao, Jing Guo
Problem Solving Method of Standard Solutions under Analogy Thinking                     


Hyunju Yi, Jeongmook Oh, Sunwook Chang
IoT and Future from the perspective of TRIZ                                            


Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman
Directed Evolution® - an update after a decade                                                    


Eisuke Saito, Satoshi Takezawa, Hiroshi Hasegawa
Validation of Kando Requirements in the Kando Understanding Support Process Using a V-model                                                           

Toru Nakagawa
Establishing General Methodology of Creative Problem Solving & Task Achieving
(CrePS): Organizing Different Methods and Their Application Cases with the Six-Box Scheme  


Pavel Livotov
Systemic Approach for Enhancing Innovative and Competitive Capability of Industrial Companies - Research concept

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