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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2017 Volume 03

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Journal of the European TRIZ Association - INNOVATOR 01-2017 Vol. 03

The collection of practitioner papers from TRIZ Future Conference 2016 is in open access and is included to the Innovator, the journal of the European TRIZ Assocation.

Special Issue: Selected papers presented at the 16th International TRIZ Future Conference, Wroclaw, Poland, 24-27.10.2016

Editors: Gaetano Cascini, Pavel Livotov
Guest editors: Tomasz Arciszewski, Sebastian Koziołek

ETRIA e.V. - European TRIZ Association. ISSN 1866-4180

Please click this link to open or download PDF file (10 MB): Innovator 2017-03

Please cite the articles as:
Surnames, Initials. Title of the Article. Journal of the European TRIZ Association, INNOVATOR, ISSN 1866-4180, 01/2017 Volume 03, pp..

Content  01-2017, Volume 03

Sustainable European Collaboration in the Field of Knowledge-Based Innovation
and Inventive Problem Solving with TRIZ 
Pavel Livotov 


A Brief Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (BTIPS) – an Approach to the
Engineering Problem Solving in Teaching, Learning and Practice.
Zbigniew M. Bzymek                                                                  


Aspects of Teaching TRIZ
Christoph Dobrusskin                                                                           


Conceptual framework for marketing communication management with
a qualitative and system-oriented approach
Joanna Kijewska, Marek Goliński                                                            


Developing Growth Portfolio with TRIZ Structures
Philip Samuel, Michael Ohler, Naresh Shahani, Derek Bennington                  


Development of creative education materials for students at middle and
high school using design thinking process with simplified TRIZ
Kyeongwon Lee                                                                                  


Effective Design Approach with Inventive Principles to Reputational
Damage Risk on the Internet
Manabu Sawaguchi, Satoru Utsugi                                                          


Enhancing Patent Portfolio Using TRIZ Workshops
Frank Zeihsel; Christian M. Thurnes, Jan Schulze                                      


How to Generate Simple Model Solutions Systematically from Function
Analysis Diagram
Min-Gyu Lee                                                                                      


Is Poland an innovative country?
Dorota Chybowska, Leszek Chybowski                                                     


Opportunities for integrating TRIZ and systematic innovation tools
into large scale Agile software development
Teemu Toivonen                                                                                


Optimizing motor performance by using TRIZ methodology
Matej Hohnjec, Dušan Gošnik, David Koblar                                               


R&D in Poland: is the country close to a knowledge-driven economy?
Dorota Chybowska, Leszek Chybowski                                                    


Roadmapping the Disruptive Innovation Technologies Based on CV of Resource
Jianguang Sun, Yu Wang, Lizhen Jia, Runhua Tan                                      


Statistical use of the TRIZ contradiction matrix, experimentation on a ball
bearing technical issue
Elie Aupetitgendre, Laurent Varnoux, Nicolas Maranzana                             


Structured activation of vertex entropy (SAVE): another way around creative
problem solving for non-technical applications
Stelian Brad                                                                                       


Tech-Finder: a Dynamic Pointer to Effects
Davide Russo, Tiziano Montecchi, Antonio Caputi                                      


The Application of TRIZ to exclude Product Failures caused by unintended
Operation Errors
Jürgen Hess


The Sustainable Approach to Corporate Real Estate Management
in a Conceptual Circular Economy Model
Katarzyna Smietana                                                                            


Towards an expansion of TRIZ methods into the strategy creation space
Michael Ohler, Philip Samuel, Naresh Shahani, Derek Bennington                   


Towards Experience Capitalization for Inventive Problem Solving
Pei Zhang, Cecilia Zanni-Merk, Denis Cavallucci                                          


TRIZ-based analysis of the rail industry problem of low adhesion
John Cooke                                                                                       


What a well-trained TRIZ user can learn from other design methodologies:
an initial speculation
Leonid Chechurin, Mika Lohtander, Yuri Borgianni                                       


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