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TFC 2008 Keynotes

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Zinovy Royzen: 
TOP-TRIZ: Theory, Applications, Training and Integration

Zinovy Royzen presents his advancement of TRIZ including Tool-Object Product Function Modeling, further development of TRIZ Standard Solutions into Standard Techniques, adaptation of ARIZ and integration of TRIZ methods into a user friendly system.  He will share his experience in applications of TRIZ, training and integration of TRIZ into structure and engineering culture of companies.

Zinovy Royzen is a Master of TRIZ certified by Genrich Altshuller, the creator of TRIZ. He is the founder and President of TRIZ Consulting, Inc., Seattle, Washington, the first U.S. company to apply TRIZ, cofounder and 1998-2007 Director of Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, and affiliate associate professor of University of Washington, Seattle. He has led workshops and provided consultation at numerous organizations, including Alcoa, Boeing Co., Eastman Kodak, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett-Packard, Kimberly-Clark, LG Electronics, Lucent Technologies Inc., NASA, Philips Semiconductors Hamburg, Samsung, Siemens, Western Digital Corporation, and Xerox. His advancement of TRIZ includes development of Tool-Object Product Function Modeling, further development of TRIZ Standard Solutions into Standard Techniques, adaptation of ARIZ and integration of TRIZ methods into a user friendly system. He holds M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering, and is the author of numerous TRIZ papers and 27 patents.



Harry Rutten:
Experience with TRIZ in OIL Project and Future Vision of Innovation

Harry Rutten is a Business Development Manager of DSM Research campus Chemelot established to bring together both world-renowned and smaller companies to facilitate open ideas exchange and boost innovation. He is also a head of the project OIL which disseminates TRIZ to small and medium enterprises of the Dutch province of Limburg, a joint initiative of DSM, European Union and LIOF. Mr. Rutten holds an engineering degree from Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.



Karel Bolckmans:
TRIZ, Biology, Biomimetics
Karel Bolckmans is head of international production and R&D manager of Koppert, a world-leading biological control and protection company. He has been very actively using TRIZ and contributing to further TRIZ developments, and is certified TRIZ specialist from several TRIZ schools. His area of interest is finding parallels between biological and technological evolutions. He is a bio-engineer and holds a master’s of science degree from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at the Catholic University Leuven in Belgium.



Fred van Houten
Title to be announced
Presently Prof. van Houten is the head of the Research group" Design, Production and Management", also comprising the chairs Production Technology, Surface Technology and Tribology, Product Design, Packaging Design and Design History. Prof. van Houten is member of the management team of the Department of Engineering Technology, is responsible for the development of the  BSc/MSc program in Industrial Design Engineering. and the international Masters program Industrial Design and Manufacturing (with the Universities of Dortmund, Strathclyde and Aalborg). He is Scientific Director of the National Research School on Integral Manufacturing Innovation (IPV), is member of the board of the Industrial Design Centre and member of the council of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP). Prof. Dr. Ir. Fred J.A.M. van Houten holds M.Sc. from Technical University of Eindhoven and Ph.D. from Twente University in the Netherlands.

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